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My Background

I am an innovative music educator with over five years of experience teaching students in multiple proficiency levels. Knowledgeable in classroom music pedagogy, music theory, and music program development. I work to bring forth expertise in cross-discipline collaboration, community engagement, lesson planning, and private musical instruction.

Chance Fuller, guitarist, playing his guitar onstage




Self Employed 

  • Engages students with dynamic lesson plans that spark participation, creativity, and passion for the arts.

  • Draws a strong link between classroom instruction and the skills required for work in various professional music settings.

  • Coordinates client schedules and maintains clear communication regarding performance schedules and attendance expectations.


Lessons In Your Home

Private Music Educator

  • Instructed students on guitar, piano, bass, drums, ukulele, and voice while promoting music appreciation.

  • Provided students with clear learning objectives and developed monthly evaluation plans.

  • Organized bi-yearly student recitals which highlighted students' achievements and progress.

Freelance Music Educator


Bach to Rock

Private Music Educator

  • Provided instrument-specific instruction to students in one-on-one and ensemble settings.

  • Created a more current and culturally relevant summer music program that drew greater student interest and involvement.

  • Developed and enhanced student skills to meet individual goals.


Guitar Center

Private Music Educator

  • Fostered positive relationships with other educators, leading to better collaboration and team-building within the branch.

  • Engaged students by integrating culturally relevant music topics to the general curriculum.

  • Created an authorial curriculum that incorporates different technology via apps like Music Tutor, guitar pro, and free resources like rhythm or ear training games.


Berklee College of Music

Bachelor of Music Performance

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